Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

Psychiatric Care Home Winnenden, competition entry, 2nd phase

AEP succeded to the 2nd phase for a Psychiatric Care Home competition in Winnenden, Germany.

University Hospital Würzburg

AEP succeded only to the second round of the european wide competition "Uniklinkum Würzburg", with highest marks.

Ortenau Hospital

AEP and Moser Architects succeded to the second round of the european wide competition "Ortenau Klinikum."

Design Competition Heidekreis Clinic

AEP succeded to the second round for the Clinic Heidekreis.

Season's Greetings!

We wish you a Merry Christmas, with time to concentrate on the important things in life.
Wishing you prosperity, joy, and contentment for 2021. (Competition entry for ZKG - Zentralklinikum Georgsheil)

Opening of Bedward, Ludwigsfelde Berlin

On monday, 12th of Oktober 2020, the Evangelic Hospital Ludwigsfelde-Teltow in Berlin opened the new bedward with radiology and A&E.

Dietrich-Bonhoeffer-Gymnasium, Metzingen

In an open competition, AEP proposes a compact building for physics, biology and chemistry. A central staircase connects the existing building with the new one.

Gesundheitscampus Bad Säckingen

AEP proposes a new health campus for Bad Säckingen. The existing 'hospital' is being converted into a rehabilitation center. To the north and west, a new therapy and the geriatric rehabilitation facility accomblishes the site. Both areas are accessed via the new central square.

Emirates Heritage Club

Together with BW-Engineers and local partner AAW, AEP has submitted a skyscraper design for the Emirates Heritage Club for their company headquarters with additional mixed use in Abu Dhabi.

Medical Cube in Rosenheim

The policlinic is in its final stages with completion in November 2020. Together with MedicalCubeGeneralplaner, AEP developed a modern health center with an above-ground gross floor area of ​​7,150 qm on 9 floors and a service center with approx. 3,500 qm on 6 floors.

Die großen Verkehrsbauten der 60-iger Jahre bieten unzählige Möglichkeiten für Stadtverschönerungen an. Der Entwurf schließt die "Wunden" dieser stadtteiltrennenden Bauten, indem ein Wohn-und Geschäftshaus (Infrabody) den Hauptverkehr unter der Erde zwingt. Die Bebauung verbindet somit die bisher getrennten Stadtteile "Heusteigvirtel" und "Gerbervirtel" wieder miteinander und läßt das ursprüngliche Netz an beruhigten Straßen und Blockrand wieder auferstehen.

New City Space - B14

On the occasion of the recently pronounced competition "New city space B14" in Stuttgart, we are happy to share our awarded ideas, which we developed between 1995 - 2006. We were awarded 3 prizes: „Healing wounds", „Rothebühlplatz“ and "Marktplatz". 

Hospital of the University of Munich - Campus Grosshadern

The masterplan for the campus consists of 3 steps: 1.) Heart-Lung-Vascular Center (HLG) and Oncological Center (ONKO), 2.) Musculoskeletal Center (MSK), the supply center and the teaching building, 3.) Organ centers - abdominal, pelvic transplant center (BBT), head center (ENT), as well as administration and research center

New housing in Wolnzach

In an open competiton for a new residential area in Wolnzach, Bavaria, AEP drafts a clearly structured area, which topographically slopes from single-family houses to multi-family houses to mixed uses from north to south. A lively public space with a high quality of stay is created along the central main axis.


We are proud to have been ranked 24th of all German Architectural Offices.

Inaguration Mental Home

On 24th of January, AEP officially inaugurated the Centre for Social Psychiatry (SPZ) in Mainkofen. We wish the new Centre all the best for the future.

Season's Greetings

AEP Stuttgart wishes our clients and partners Merry Chirstmas and a healthy New Year 2019!

Trip to Vienna

During our visit to Vienna, we discovered and enjoyed many buildings from Adolf Loos to Zaha Haidid. We are already looking forward to the next trip.

Future Lab

AEP has designed a FutureLab© for ROCHE. Work scenarios for design and manufacturing of healthcare appliances are virtually tested and developed. Due to the flexible workspace and a curved wall, there are 6 work scenarios possible: meeting, work, education, virtual reality, holospace und presentation.

Opening of Mental Home

Our general Psychiatrie in Mainkofen, Bavaria has been opened. It is the completion of a modern, top of the line inpatient facility containing 80 beds.
Please find more information, here (sorry German, only):

Neubau Biberach

In Hauderboschen, near Biberach, a new central acute Hospital is being built! This cental Hospital has reached a crutial phase - the phase of the visual realisation. Please visit the following site for more information:

KH Ludwigsfelde

The evangelic Hospital of Ludwigsfelde-Teltow has started new works for an inpatient surgical ward. The new built is located on the southwest side and offers 99 beds on three new floors:

Building Information Model

Please click the black icon below to access the interactive BIM (building information model) on your desktop!
A new window opens. Please press "Play" to start. You can fly through and view drawings...

School refurb

The Ellental Schools are currently being redeveloped. Alongside a complete technical retrofit, the fascades and the interior are having a facelift. The clean and bright classrooms are ventilated and temperatured controlled by new decentralised units, which are hidden within the wall.

Health Campus Lörrach

AEP wins the 4. prize at the international design competiton for a new Health Campus in Lörrach, South Germany.

District Hospital Mainkofen

The site works for the District Hospital in Mainkofen are in full operation. The gross area for all 4 building phases comprises 40.000 m². New buildings are being built while listed buildings are being carefully refurbished.

Happy Holidays

AEP wishes happy holidays to all their clients, planners, builders and all its staff.


AEP have submitted plans for building permission for a building complex, consiting of a Medical Tower, a Service Centre, and a hotel and carpark. It is situated in the city of Rosenheim, Germany, with the potential for further expansion of this site.

Health Centers, Saudi Arabia

AEP submitted a Health Center prototype concept design to its client Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia. As a member of bw-engineers, AEP is exploring a building life-cycled BIM designs, so that the envisaged 1.000 centers can be procured, built and operated efficiently in the future.

Health Park

AEP developed a 300.000m² large health park concept for a private client in Saudi Arabia. Phase 1 (24,000m² GFA) will offer a range of preventive and rehabilitation care to an increasingly health aware society, including complementary functions such as restaurants, spa, nutrition center and art gallery.

Season's Greetings!

We wish our clients and partners season's greetings and best wishes for the new year!

A miracle cure for the Charité, Berlin

Charité Medical University Berlin, Central Campus:
A 'BerlinTimes' newspaper article, October 2015

Forensic Center

AEP submitted the concept design for a Forensic Center prototype to its client Ministry of Health. Combining forensic autopsy, clinics, laboratories, conferencing and administration in one building, the 14.000m² large center becomes a showcase project in the Middle East.

The Ministry of Health visits Germany

AEP had the honor to host a delegation of 5 managers of its Saudi Arabian client Ministry of Health in Germany. With view to strengthen its ongoing and future cooperation, medical manufacturers and reference projects were visited (picture: Ellwangen Clinic)

Academic health science centre (AHSC)

AEP was invited by its partner CCI to hand in a design for an Academic health science centre (AHSC) with a total of 1.500 beds.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure in Dalian, China

Impressions from the tradefair "Hospital Build & Infrastructure China":
Along with a successfull lecture on healthcare planning, we could also present our build projects on a stand.

Hospital Build & Infrastructure in Dalian, China

AEP will be exhibitor with its exclusive joint venture partner CCI at the Hospital Build & Infrastructure China, 23.05.-25.05. If you wish to arrange a meeting, please contact our delegates Mr. Uwe Eggert (+49 171 3706967) or Mr. Dawei Liu (+49 176 82119554 / +86 15227089934)

2.Prize for Psychiatry in Günzburg

Having successfully pre-qualified, AEP wins the 2.Prize for a newbuild of a Psychiatry in Günzburg, Bavaria. For more information, please refer to this link:

Recladding of hospital tower

Charité Medical University Berlin, Central Campus:
The site supervision works with our execution drawings for the ward tower and the new intesive care building (ICU+ORs).

3rd Saudi Forum

Presentation at the 3rd Saudi Forum, 18.03.2015, Riyadh

Marc Eggert was invited by the Saudi Umra Society to hold a lecture on "Healing Environments in Childrens Care" at the 3rd Saudi Forum for Planning and Design of Hospitals.

get better!

The presentation of "Master Plans and Target Planning to Avoid Wrong Investments in Healthcare" by Mr. Uwe Eggert and Mr. Albrecht Meyer has been published in the follwing book:
„get better! – the pursuit of better health and better healthcare design at lower costs per capita“

ISBN 978-88-907872-2-5


AEP has been appointed to design a Medical Tower, a Service Centre, a hotel and parking.

Better life conditions in Mental Homes

In close cooperation with the 'Institute for evidence-based Design for Healthcare Buildings', the AEP has established objectives and ways for better life conditions in Mental Homes.

Building Site - Charite Berlin

Site works start at Charite Medical University Berlin, Central Campus.
AEP appointed for execution and detail planning for redevelopment and newbuild of ward buildings.

Competition Bamelweid

AEP wins the 6.Prize for the new Hospital Barmelweid in Switzerland.

Expertise for energy-efficiency

AEP has been registered as an expert for energy-efficiency at dena (Deutsche Energie Agentur) :

Ellental Secondary School - Energetic Refurbishment

The retrofittings involve energy efficient fascades considering new sunscrenning as well as new entrances:

Top architectural firm!

AEP is ranked top for healthcare design. For more information, please visit 'BauNetz', the German portal for uptodate building information:

Recognition award for olympic swimming pool in Stuttgart

AEP wins a recognition award in collaboration with Schulitz Architekten. Further information, here:

3.Prize - Masterplan AHSC and Mother-Child-Centre, Bonn

AEP wins the 3.Prize for the Masterplan for the "Academic Health Science Centre" and the new build for the Mother-Child Centre in Bonn. More information, here:

Opening of an Ice-and Ballsport Arena

The Egetrans-Arena has been completed in 400 days. AEP, as the leading construction manager wishes all the best for the future.

1.Prize - Restructuring of the District Hospital Mainkofen

AEP wins the 1.Prize for the restructuring of the District Hospital Mainkofen.

4.Prize - Laboratoies for Fishery

AEP and Archiscape Architekten, Berlin and Thurm&Dinges Planungs- gesellschaft, Stuttgart has won the
4.Prize for the new 'Johann-Heinrich von Thünen-Institute' in Bremerhaven, Germany. The new build consists of offices and laboratories for the fishery.

Completion of Ellwangen Hospital

On 20th of July, the 4th building phase of St.Anna-Virngrundklinik in Ellwangen has been completed. After 20 years of planning and 16 years of construction, the overall renovation of the hospital has been completed.

Welcome to the NEW website!

We warmly welcome you! Our website appearance has evolved! Now we can offer you a comprehensive overview of 38-years of planning and construction by AEP - Architects Eggert generalPlanner!

Design & Health Award 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:
AEP wins the Design & Health Award 2012 in the category 'International Health Project (under 40,000 sqm)'

BDA Prize 2012 - Lower Saxony, Germany

BDA Prize of the state Lower Saxony, 2012 are awarded:
AEP is awarded with the BDA-Award of Lower Saxony - 'Short Listed' with its Children's Hospital Osnabrück.

WAN - Long Listed

With over 50 international healthcare projects handed in, the CKO succeeds to the Long List.  WAN - World Architecture News is one of the renowned architectural awards, worldwide.

3rd Prize - Deaconess Hospital Friederikenstift in Hannover

Within a 2-step pre-qulification competition, AEP is awarded with the 3rd Prize for its design of rebuilding the Deaconess Hospital Friederikenstift at Humboldtstrasse in Hannover.

3rd Prize - University Hospital Heidelberg

AEP is awarded the 3rd Prize for its new Surgery building at the University Hospital, Heidelberg.